Oct 30-31, 2012 LOS ANGELES, CA
Program Co-Chairs
Michael Newman
Paul Riismandel
Northwestern University
Eric Hards
Lockheed Martin
Erica Schroeder
Patty Perkins
Wells Fargo
Larry Bouthillier
Harvard University
George Levar
Come Learn About:
  • Enterprise YouTube vs. Managed Video System
  • Live Video Production: Tips and Tricks and Tricks
  • Developing a Mobile Device Strategy
  • Student-Generated Video on Campus
  • Creating an Internal CDN to Support Video Deployments
  • The Business Case for Video in the Enterprise
  • Enterprise Media Platform
  • Shootout Developing a Learning Management System
  • Video in the Electronic Portfolio
  • Strategies for Preparing Your Video for Tablets and Mobile Devices
  • Video Platform Deployment in Higher Education
  • Webcasting Tips and Tricks From the Enterprise

Enterprise Video Conference Agenda

   Program [PDF]

Tuesday October 30, 2012

10:30 am - 11:15 am

A101: Panel: Enterprise YouTube vs. Managed Video System

When pitching an online video platform integration to leadership, we often hear someone ask "Why not use YouTube?" Meanwhile, consumer products and services are often more feature-capable than their enterprise counterparts. What are the differences between consumer and enterprise products? Are there cases where a consumer technology can do the job, and what are they? Learn this and more as this session compares the different solutions in the market today for video management.

Moderator: Eric Hards, Manager, Visual Communications, Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Presenter: David Boyll, Director, Media Technology Solutions, Oracle Marketing Brand Creative
Presenter: Sam Scholz, Multimedia Director, Eaton Vance Management
Presenter: Cid Isbell, Video Solutions Architect, Wellpoint

B101: Panel: Lecture Capture, Presentation Recording & Meeting Webcasts: How To Select a Solution

Systems for recording presentations – including audio, video, and presentation materials such as slides or desktop capture – continue to be crucial tools in both higher education and the enterprise. In this session, we’ll cover a range of options for recording or live streaming your presentations and lectures. You'll learn about the variety of technologies available in this rapidly changing space. We’ll look at several implementation examples, including the trade-offs and benefits. Finally, you'll learn how you can choose the best one to fit your needs.

Moderator: Paul Riismandel, Director of Curriculum Support, School of Communication, Northwestern University
Presenter: Daniel Bustos, Instructional Design & Technology Coordinator, UCLA Office of Instructional Development
Presenter: Chuck Allen, Team Leader, eMedia and Learning Spaces, California State University, San Marcos
Presenter: Todd Stabley, Senior Media Engineer, Duke University

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

A102a: Presentation: Network Architecture for Video and Collaboration

As video becomes pervasive in an organization and more video devices are used, new demands are placed on the network. This session will discuss the value and cost savings of taking an architectural approach to an enterprise video strategy including: faster troubleshooting, easier deployment, improved network visibility, predictable quality of experience, optimized user experience, device flexibility, alignment of resources with business priorities, and optimized delivery and performance routing.

Presenter: Aamer Akhter, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Video Collaboration Group

B102a: Presentation: Teaching Video Production to Non-Professionals

In this session, learn the basics of how to train the non-video-professionals in your organization to create professional-quality and engaging content for your online video property. Topics covered are basic lighting and shot composition, effective interview techniques, tips & tricks for succinct and impactful "talking head with powerpoint" videos, and guidance on hardware and software selection to enable anyone in an organization to create high-quality content on a minimal budget.

Presenter: Bob Donlon, SVP, GM West Coast, WRECKINGBALL Media Group

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12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

A102b: Presentation: Learn How To Take An Enterprise Streaming Initiative From Idea To Execution

When the call goes out to IT to centralize streaming video, there occurs a chain of linked events that will determine success or failure of the initiative. So how does an organization start? Better yet, how does IT navigate potential pitfalls of video including internal/external distribution, security and compliance, governance, and integration into existing technologies? Join Alan Hanslik from Western Asset for a compelling conversation about his experience in managing, and succeeding, in this challenging process.

Presenter: Alan Hanslik, Manager IT Operations, Western Asset Management
Presenter: K.C. Watson, CEO & Co-Founder, Sherpa Technology Group

B102b: Presentation: Using Video In Webcasts To create A Social Learning Environment

Learn how Microsoft’s internal YouTube platform, Academy, combines webcast and video to make the user experience agile and social. Hear how “Live Show” is landing in the business and see how it looks on Windows8. Walk away with ideas on how to measure operational success. Attendees will hear how the various groups collaborated to create pricing, marketing, and a streamlined operations process. Molly will discuss best practices and lesson learned by while moving Live Show from idea inception, pilot, launch to rollout.

Presenter: Molly Kihanya, Academy Program Owner, Microsoft

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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Introduction of the Living Platform and Live Video 3.0

Is your video workflow capable of delivering live, multiplatform video to a global connected audience cost effectively and at scale? Join Mio Babic, President and CEO of iStreamPlanet, Eric Black, VP of Technology of NBC Sports and Jason Mendenhall, EVP of Switch, moderated by The Diffusion Group’s Andy Tarczon as they discuss the next generation of multiplatform live video workflow services- acquisition to analytics. Panelists will discuss the move from hardware dependent infrastructure to software and cloud-based solutions, and the unique challenges for the premium content provider delivering OTT video to a rapidly growing audience.

1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

A103: Panel: Student-Generated Video on Campus

Students no longer are passive consumers of video. The proliferation of video-shooting smartphones and social media has made them producers. Video is a tool for creative expression, but it is also an excellent tool for evaluating performance and progress, and for sharing ideas, solutions and innovations. In this session we'll cover ways that student-generated video can be used in education, and methods for effectively and securely managing that video.

Moderator: Paul Riismandel, Director of Curriculum Support, School of Communication, Northwestern University
Presenter: Scott Nadzan, Director of Marketing & Sales, Ensemble Video

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B103: Panel: Integrating Streaming, Video Conferencing, and Unified Communications Solutions

Learn how organizations leverage existing video conferencing infrastructure as production studios when integrated with a video streaming system. And learn how video conferencing allows presenters in multiple locations to participate jointly in webcasts. Finally, learn how this is all good news to those implementing streaming solutions because now they can be budgeted as part of a larger video communications budget.

Moderator: George Levar, Video Service Delivery Lead, Accenture
Presenter: Mr. Andy Howard, Founder & Managing Director, Howard & Associates
Presenter: Philip Nelson, Chief Relationship Officer, NewTek
Presenter: Michael Chop, Sr. Collaboration Architect
Presenter: Michael Newman, VP/GM, Video Content Management, Polycom

2:45 pm - 3:30 pm

A104: Presentation: Unique Deployment Challenges for mobile video in the Enterprise

Deploying mobile video presents many challenges that are unique to enterprise environments. Enabling the bring-your-own-device trend complicates matters further. This session will address the major considerations for deploying mobile video in the enterprise, including encoding video for mobile devices, choosing the correct servers, and delivering to multiple devices and players, including HTML5. The final challenge discussed is networking, as enterprises need to determine if users are going to access the video over the enterprise Wi-Fi network or the public cellular network.

Moderator: Mr. Andy Howard, Founder & Managing Director, Howard & Associates

B104: Panel: The Business Case for Video in the Enterprise

Some of the benefits of video—such as meeting face-to-face over long distances—are well understood. But how do you built the right business case to deploy video for a single application or multiple applications? How do you create robust support across the business for rolling out and scaling video applications? This session will provide examples and ideas for applying the right model to your organization.

Moderator: Mark Sherwood, Senior Director, Unified Communications and Video Services IT, Cisco
Presenter: Eric Hards, Manager, Visual Communications, Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Presenter: William Beazley, Executive Director, Society of Piping Engineers and Designers
Presenter: Michael Kada, CEO, QuantumVerse

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4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

A105: Presentation: Enterprise Live Video Production, Tips and Tricks

This session will focus on best practices for dealing with the "ever changing" nature of live video production. Each panel member will bring their "bag of tricks" for their top five items that all producers should be doing for live production in the enterprise. Live video production can be full of pit falls and unexpected changes and this session will give you the chance to learn from the folks who deal with all levels of live video production on a daily basis.

Moderator: Eric Hards, Manager, Visual Communications, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

B105: Panel: Developing a Management System Strategy

It is becoming increasingly common for organizations to deploy multiple types of content management systems, from traditional content management systems like SharePoint, to Learning Management systems, to Media Management systems. Hear how leading organizations developed their management system strategy, how they use their systems independently or as an integrated hybrid model, and what best practices they'd suggest for organizations considering similar investments or integrations.

Moderator: Michael Newman, VP/GM, Video Content Management, Polycom
Presenter: Russell Zack, General Manager, EMEA, Kaltura
Presenter: Patty Perkins, Manager, Desktop Video, Wells Fargo Video Network
Presenter: Dion Eusepi, CME Mobile Solutions Architect, HP Enterprise Services

Wednesday October 31, 2012

10:30 am - 11:15 am

A201: Panel: Video Closed Captioning ABCs: Accessibility, Benefits and Compliance

This discussion highlights the unique benefits emerging as a result of new regulations and standards around captioning video content. The arenas of producing, archiving, indexing and searching digital video content are becoming less expensive and easier to manage once captioned. Details of technical approaches, unifying processes, and trends in manufacturing of devices will be addressed in the discussion. The learning and comprehension benefits will also be discussed with supporting research.

Moderator: Paul Riismandel, Director of Curriculum Support, School of Communication, Northwestern University
Presenter: Kevin Erler, Automatic Sync Technologies, LLC
Presenter: Peter Schott, Director, Digital Production, Cengage Learning
Presenter: Ian Webber, Senior Manager, Academic Technology and Media Services, Rochester Institute of Technology

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

A202a: Presentation: How Mobile Video Can Make You a Communication Hero

Smartphones and tablets are the new best friends of corporate communicators. They are portable, connected and multitalented. You can push their powerful versatility in new and creative ways that will far exceed their traditional uses. Through practical demonstrations, Paolo Tosolini will show you how to exploit the multimedia capabilities of mobile devices. At the end of this session you'll be able to transform your stories through mobile video.

Presenter: Paolo Tosolini, Director of Digital and Emerging Media, Run Studios

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B202a: Presentation: Enterprise Global Learning - Reaching Your Audience Anywhere, Anytime, and On Any Device

Learn how Rollins Inc., migrated from a satellite based interactive learning network (used in North America only), to a multicast terrestrial based Global Learning Network, reaching up to 10,000 global employees and partners. See a live session of the interactive channel and learn how the current network is delivered on-demand and live, over desktop computers, smart mobile devices, and television sets.  Walk away with a good understanding of how to reach and engage global audiences real-time and how to leverage new touch screen tablets for viewing and live interactivity.

Presenter: Ramiro Banderas, Director, Rollins Global Learning Network, Rollins Support Center

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

A202b: Presentation: Lessons Learned from GE Capital's Video Collaboration Deployments

Join this expert from a global enterprise that has achieved enthusiastic video adoption as he shares what worked, what didn't, and what he would do differently. Learn about the equal importance of technology, process, and culture. Hear tips on how to match technology with use cases, the best ways to train people and encourage adoption, and overcoming cultural barriers. Walk away with real information that can help your enterprise video deployment succeed.

Presenter: Matt Kaminski, Project Manager, GE Capital

B202b: Presentation: Zappos

In this presentation, attendees will hear about Zappos video ecosystem, how they built their video on demand platform to scale, and the success they are having using product videos on Zappos.com to sell more merchandise.

Presenter: Austin Blair, Photo and Video Manager, Zappos.com

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm


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1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

A203: Panel: Incorporating Streaming Video Annotation Into the Classroom

This session will start with short demonstrations of some current video annotation projects as a launching point for discussing methods for and problems surrounding the incorporation of video annotation into the classroom. The session will discuss the recent advances in the W3C's media annotation working groups and media metadata ontologies, customizing video playback with time-coded learning content, working with 3rd party annotation tools such as those offered by Youtube, and applying upcoming frameworks such as Mozilla's popcorn.js.

Moderator: Jarom McDonald, Director, Office of Digital Humanities, Brigham Young University
Presenter: Mark Kaiser, Associate Director, Berkeley Language Center, University of California at Berkeley
Presenter: Geoff McGee, Creative Director, Media and Communications, Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University

B203: Panel: Creating an Internal CDN to Support Video Deployments

Video has gotten much easier—standards and simple interfaces have come a long way in recent years. But coping with video across the network can still be a headache. Learn how other organizations have successfully tackled this thorny issue and sort through the options to find the right one for your applications and organization.

Moderator: Mark Sherwood, Senior Director, Unified Communications and Video Services IT, Cisco
Presenter: Sumandra Majee, Architect, F5 Networks
Presenter: Greg Pulier, President, Founder, MediaPlatform
Presenter: Patty Perkins, Manager, Desktop Video, Wells Fargo Video Network